Thursday, August 15, 2013


I'm either on the brink of a break through or a break down!
I guess my awareness of that fact, eliminates the going mad factor. After all, the lunatic being dragged off never questioned their sanity. They knew they were sane as they screamed "I am the Queen of England and also a rabbit!" Hence, I should relax and look forward to the break through.

It is so tiring being up and positive and strong. Or at least it is, when it feels so little that returns. The IRS check to %Jayne continues its weirdness, as all my paperwork was returned yesterday, as return to sender. Return to sender from the IRS address, in their envelope!!! I phoned them, and was on hold for 38 minutes when the phone went dead.

I keep working, keep plugging away. Searching for opportunities, or letting go and just trusting that things will arrive. My eyes are open for things I may enjoy. I loved seeing a man driving his duck boat today in Boston. I presume, going back to the depot, that huge orange vehicle all to himself and he was singing away, I hope with the microphone on. I loved driving along 95, with all my windows down and told myself I will drive to Sedona again this year, even though I have no right to do so. (By right I mean time & money). I loved hearing adults play like children today and then work like the most gifted engineers around.
I don't know, what is the point of this ramble? Somehow to send out the wish to give me a break. Show me the way, just a little. I keep paying off my Davids head stone, as though it were a piece of furniture. I nearly went for broke and flew to Spain to see my brother. I nearly went to the dentist. I nearly gave my number to a stranger. I imagine running away. Often. Hawaii. Mexico became a possibility for two minutes over toast this morning. Is running away, running toward? If I were famous, this would be interesting!
That's a great title. What did you nearly do? Any regrets that you didn't? Any regrets that you did?

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