Saturday, July 20, 2013

My David at One Year

I need to believe today that there is a reason for everything.
I need to believe that there are no end dates.
So here are your own words today, my dearest David, from April 27 2001.

A true relationship that holds love abiding means that you can love each other
knowing the beauty and the blemishes. Each others laughter and tears.
Each others calm and anger. To see one another whole, and love regardless.
It is a place where there is plenty of talk, and no talk at times because things
are so well understood. It is not a guest book. It does not take place of the need
sometimes for solitude. It is a messy and dance filled place, and a quiet
reading books with legs touching place. It is like home in the best
of all thought and senses.

We did all that my love. We did.

Always with love.

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