Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Four I Wonders for a Tuesday

I wonder if I am the only person who cannot wear thong sandals?
Who the hell invented those?
There are tons of lovely looking sandals out at the moment, with gems, small heels or flats, great colors, simple or creative and they all end in the torture chamber of the toe being seperated.
Not only is the seperation a racial slur against your own toes, it is a dumb example of putting too much pressure on one area.
It hurts. I try it, and it hurts. If Jesus had those sandals, they would not have needed to nail him to the cross.
How do you do it? Is it a virginity thing? Did I skip a special class? Am I too late to register?
Will someone please try to make a sandal look attractive for people who wish to keep their toes together!

I wonder where the mouse has gone that has been running around Max The Cat for a week?
Being far too tired to do anything about the squeals coming from both animals, I simply turned over and let them at it. This continued for four nights and now nothing.
I await to find a mouses head chewed off in the fridge or bathroom cabinet. Touch of The Godfather Disney style in my bed. Max The Cat is fine and he is not licking his lips with satisfaction, so I'm guessing that the mouse got out somehow. Replace guessing with truly hoping. It is a pretty clever mouse and actually stands on its hind legs to face Max The Cat and has also played dead, tricking even me. They obviously come with intelligence in Rhode Island.

I wonder sometimes if my David is sitting near me, looking out after me. Like Ghost.

I wonder when television viewers will stop watching 'Love it or List it.' Every single episode she promises to do "something in the basement" and something happens where that is no longer possible and the home owner walks off crying saying; "this is turning into a nightmare."
Every week she under estimates the budget - she needs to be fired as she is so bad at her job!

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