Saturday, May 4, 2013

Love from Jayne

Dear Sleep -
I am so sorry that we broke up. I understand you want to see other pillows, though my laundry skills are truly at their best and my linens actually match now, so how picky can you be?
You said it wasn't me - that it was you.
Well, OK I get that and its not that I need sleep, who needs sleep!
I just wouldn't mind spending a night or two with you again, because without you, baby, I'm a mess.
My shadowed eyes are making me look like Zorro, and that would be OK if I had a horse, but I don't.
Though yawning is handy for throwing food inside, its not that polite while trying to work.
So, would you, could you? You know I rarely ask and it doesn't take much - just a couple of hours.
What do you think?Just another Saturday night for old times sake!
Love from Jayne

To whom it may concern -
For the wonderful people who sent my tax return, thank you, I'm really pleased.
Without being fussy though, couldn't you have written my full name on the check?
I know you know me well, the banks do not care for that though and when I told them that perhaps I am famous and only need to go by JAYNE, they were not impressed.
Perhaps a check like this is why Prince became a symbol and Madonna became British. I will take it as a positive sign that better days are ahead. Though just for now, cashing a check written to JAYNE is taking a little longer!
Love from Jayne

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