Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear Charlotte

Dearest Baby Girl
Welcome to April. A month where it may shower with pretty rain or warm your arms in the sunshine, or both.
No matter how many weeds in the earth or negative weeds of words, you will always find bursts of color reaching out from the ground. It's your month of cozy blankets, miniture hats, overwelming smiles and brand new fingers to curl around.
Thank You my dear soul for bringing a joy to many hearts and that's just the beginning.

I will be here, your Nana Hannah, to always suggest fun, laughter and apologies to your parents that I may have recommended too much sugar!
I will show you how to dance, even though you already know. How to color outside of the lines, how to create your own stories to pictures and how to run toward the sun. How to bake bad cakes because it does not matter and how to listen, and then choose not to remember.
I will keep moving, so that you will always have an interesting place to visit.
I will keep growing, so that you always remain fearless of age.
I will keep reaching, because you give me reason to.
I tell you a secret, sweet child, that you have angels around whispering their love, joy and support in all you do.
In particular, you have a dear special handsome one who will always suggest singing, or seeing a movie, or running straight into the ocean quickly. He will sing opera to you as well as country songs, teach you impressions and occasionally show you how to wear a laundry basket as a hat. That's your Grandfather David. I bet you've already met.
Love, love, love we hear him saying.

Welcome to your first April my lovely.

Love always -
Nana Hannah  - wearing purple and her hair in a special way.

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