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Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse

I am learning to let go of my dreams, wishes, needs. I am sending them out and asking for guidance on how they may be cherished by me.
This is the opposite way of how I usually work, which is to be continually pushing, reaching and aiming. In the letting go of that busy-ness, it has given me the soul space to embrace new light around me. Some of that space became heavy and dark, especially so against the brightness of Christmas. For a few days and nights my loss completely drenched me and I never wanted to get up again.

Yet I did and I continue to do so. The reward -  to be gifted with simple joys and breathtaking signs, that take me back to the power of standing in that beautiful quiet of the Arizona desert.

Last night during dinner with a friend, I noticed a couple at the next table. Yes they were obviously happy, connected, enjoying time. Here was the act that grabbed me. He leaned over and gently placed his hands on her face. It was incredibly tender. It took my breath away, as I…