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Imagine for a moment that Santa is real. Both children and adults would line up to meet him.

With children the conversation may be:
Santa: What would you like for Christmas?
Happy Child: A barbie and a some Lego please.
Santa: Ho ho, wonderful. Merry Christmas.

With the adults the conversation may be:
Santa: What would you like for this holiday season?
Anxious Adult: Oh dear, I'm not really sure.
Santa: Go ahead just wish out loud.
Embarrassed Adult: How much does it cost?
Santa: The fear of letting go.
Angry Adult: Are you being sarcastic?
Santa: Just tell me what you want more than anything in the world.
Sad Adult: That would be selfish. How can I choose? Should it be
just for me? What about my children? Shouldn't I want world Peace - well of course I want world Peace, would that mean I'd get a new Mercedes though? Mind you I need a new washing machine before a new car and what about my clothes? Just look at my clothes, then a vacation................................

It's not as ea…

Things to Notice

Things that have recently caught my attention.

1) John Travolta's Action Man Doll hairstyle. I don't get it.

2) How on earth do you open Garniers Dark Spot Creme? Truly, it would be easier for a child to pop a champagne cork. It's ridiculously complicated and the instructions are tiny. My reading glasses cannot even help.

3) Sometimes the GPS acts weird. The other day it stated that I was at my final destination, which was a church named "Of Sinners and Saints'. What was it trying to tell me?

4) Repeating a certain word like Sorry or Thank you. I like saying thank you, however I thank people for their thank you. It's annoying because then it sounds sarcastic. Do not get me started with me saying sorry. I'm quitting sorry.

5) When I light a candle next to my bed to relax, the fear of it falling over, exploding or being seen as something naughty from the outside, does not help me to relax. Yet I always try it and end up tense.

6) I have bought a really good full…