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Sedonas Secret

When I was eighteen I met an American man who put the thought into my mind about driving in an open top car, to the Grand Canyon.

When I met David, the love of my life, we talked about this dream. This July, when we decided to include a quest for yourself in Davids obituary; I knew I would do a version of the road trip.

I found that courage and am so excited and proud to say I did it!

Flying to Phoenix, Arizona - I rented a red Mustang convertible I named Georgia D.  I drove carefully (I promise) to Sedona, where the next day I drove (carefully I promise) to the Grand Canyon with my Bowie music blasting.

Now truly I struggle for words to describe this entire journey. Usually on trips I lose myself in doing what others need or what laziness/fear only permits while collecting snacks and gifts.
Sedona inspired me to collect me.
It was stunning. Divine. Where I want to live in order to be.
I will never forget turning that bend and seeing the red rocks for the first time.
Yes, I exclaimed…