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My David at Three Months

October 22, it is now three months since David passed away.

When asked if I have moved on yet - I am at first angry, then incredibly sad. What does that even mean? To pick myself up! Really, for this loss?

Is it only younger spouses who are told to move on and pick yourself up? Are people too scared to ask that of older people, in case they have a heart attack and actually do move on?

Of course I'm doing my best to keep going. I have no choice. As much as I have always been strong and independent, occasionally I really want a hug and pleasant plans.

I am blessed to have days when I feel connected and certain that I can cope. While other days are suffocating and I am amazed that I even try to continue. Healing is top of my to do list and I'm taking great care not to listen to my negative voice that does not approve of when I do absolutely nothing. Wanting to talk about David and my current concerns is perfectly natural and even required. Crying is to healing as frosting is to …