Friday, October 12, 2012

Inspired and Unstoppable

The flowers are wild, lavish and free
They will always grow, regardless.
Within the meadow; a sweep of purple
A yellow, white and a punch of blue.

Dancing with the confiding breathe 
From an Autumn breeze
Each stem with their own desire to grow.
Yet here, within that distinctive place
They lean in one direction.
Toward the wondrous sky
That holds an incredible sun.

Their heart. Their knowing. Their love.

Together they have created a spirit
Of powerful community.
They are Inspired and Unstoppable
Forever and This Day.

 To Tribe with Tama Kieves - at Kripalu Oct 8 to 12 2012.
                                                 With love From Jayne

Monday, October 8, 2012

Meaningful Beauty Part 2 - The Crossover

My post regarding the commercial Meaningful Beauty received positive comments from friends. I noticed how hard I fought to allow a compliment to truly resonate. Perhaps I needed to hear the French Doctors voice telling me to listen while putting "melone" on my face. I love the way he says "melone." You should watch the commercial just for that.
The most interesting reaction came from myself to my lovely friend The Jen Smith. 
Hence Jen was inspired to suggest we present a Blog Cross Over today regarding the infamous Meaningful Beauty post. Which means you are to visit Jen on her blog immediately after reading this. You may find her writing at 

So, the facts: When Jen read my Meaningful Beauty post she left the following comment:
I think it's funny that I just mentioned that infomercial to the Anonymous Mother and the next day you posted about it. Are we sharing some brain cells or something??

When I read that, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that I had copied a post she had written.
Please note, I did not think Jen was suggesting I had, I was already in the copyright prison and walking the plank away from our friendship.

So I sent Jen an email AND the JenBatOwlSignal which is a text message saying:
Hey Jen -
Just read your comment. I am vulnerable, I am woman.
Hope you don't think I'm copying you??????????????????????

To which she sent a text back saying "Read email, we're good."
Which I took as: "you did copy me you bitch, however...."

This is Jens REAL reply for your enjoyment: 
If you could copy a thought from my head or a conversation with the Mother that you weren't actually present for than we have some serious money making ahead of us because ... YOU'RE A MIND READER!!!!
We'll be RICH!!!
I'll play the part of the eccentric bumbling assistant and you be the Madame Gloria Van Gildenburtn (See, that's funny bc Madame implies french but Van implies german or norse or something) And I'll handle all your bookings while we travel the continents with our "Distinguished Spirit Guide Animals" (that way Ted and Max come too as long as Ted wears a turban and Max wears a bow tie) reading people's fortunes by reading their minds.

It's Perfect!!! 

Then you'll read a play producer's mind to pitch him EXACTLY the script he's been longing for and you get to go to Broadway as an eccentric playwright and I'll pop in and out as an eccentric patron of the arts (cuz now we're rich from all the mind reading tours) and we'll be FAMOUS!!!
Then I'll hire a ghost writer to write my blogs and a few books to, you know, get the ball rolling while I'm having tea and crumpets with David Tennant and his wife during which they'll introduce me to The Man of My Dreams--- D.T.s twin brother!! (Or cousin, no matter.  As long as he's hot and Scottish- ow! ok, or Irish, sorry dearly departed o'mine) then...
And you'll have made the Mother very, very happy.

So, that is my version of the events. Now visit on Tuesday morning to read  Jen's thoughts. You can easily link to Jen by clicking on her icon to the right of this post. 
Perhaps Jen will explain BOOM TWINS - because it is where all roads should lead.....according to the Anonymous Mother. (Whom we love loads if you are reading this!)

And Jen - I hope this is what you meant by The Blog CrossOver. Damn where's my confidence?


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