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My David at two months

Today is the two month anniversary that David and I share in our new relationship.
I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday and am so happy and lucky that close friends knew without asking that I required extra attention to move through the day. In fact, I truly have not celebrated a birthday as much as this year, and it's all happened as if by magic.

With the loss of a husband or wife, it is not that the widow or widower need look for reasons to feel sadness, it finds you at the most obvious and oddest moments. A happy memory will easily turn with a knife, while a painful one may suddenly melt into an embrace. I believe I am now doing everything we enjoyed together. Though I avoid a certain supermarket and walking our local roads without David is still not possible.
I truly cannot bear to think about his final resting place.
Though, I do not imagine David as a body. He is a bright dancing light for me. His hello appears with a sighting of a dragon fly - a real one or a picture. And t…

Friends and Sunflowers

Friends episode: "The one where she is acting strange."

This new phase is really sifting out the friends who are up for the challenge of being with me. New and old friends in years, young and older in age, close mileage or long distance.

During a day I will sprint from being winged fairy godmother to raging deranged witch.
From singing "I believe in Angels" which is a line in an Abba song to "Never Mind the Bollocks" by the Sex Pistols, which was a song and a torn t-shirt.
I have perfected the art of changing ones mind. I am that annoying person in the car in front of you who doesn't trust that the green light means go.  I consider every single Vacation Discount-Groupon- Living Social-Anti Social-Living Coupon that pops up on the screen. I've nearly registered and/or bought every self help-retreat-book-CD-seminar-conference-course-self study-on line-in person-drive through-12 step program-tap ball change step- talk to whomever you believe is your …