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Are you Off Course?

Following my self indulgent yet honest post yesterday, I feel a tad better today.
So thank you dear blog world of public therapy! Your check is in the post.

Here is my Top Sixteen pointers that suggest you are 'off course' on your life journey.
If you respond yes to one or two points, you are doing OK just remain aware
If you respond yes to more than four points, you need to take a quick hop back on track
If you respond yes to more than eight points, you need to leap back on track
If you respond yes to more than ten points, I know a great therapist

1) You wake up with a hang over from cake rather than alcohol
2) You take photos of yourself to prove you can still smile
3) The term "pop of color" means you put a grey tank top with your black outfit
4) You print MapQuest directions, just in case the GPS is wrong
5) You watched the DNC speeches last night hoping to see George Clooney
6) For the longest time you realize you've been saying GNC instead of DNC
I had alwa…

Cake and Recycling

There is a blog that I enjoy written by Betsy Lerner. She has a skill of writing short posts that engage in lengthy conversation.
Yesterday brought up the question: Who am I?

My answer was: I am a birthday cake delivered to the wrong house at the wrong time with the wrong amount of candles. And that's how I feel.  Hence, you are what you eat, is really true.

It sounds dramatic when I say that I am currently grieving for my last ten years. It is however a heavy truth. I emigrated from the UK with the excited knowledge that I was changing my life. I was moving to a place I loved, to a man I loved and was fortunate to quickly find a job I loved. And I was a size eight.

This summer all of those things have gone, and yes strictly speaking two of them are from my choice. The home and location either embraces with comfort or pokes me by remarking "you shouldn't be here."  The job no longer matches my pace. I would let it down. And the size e…