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Pretty Odd Exsistence

Well, it's been one month since David .......................... yep, can't type the words. You know what I mean though. Unless you do not, in which case, you are advised to read older posts! There is no quick "on previous episodes" re cap.
The biggest thing I have discovered in this month has been a tremendous energy that would be described as positive, ambitious and downright fantastical.
My first two weeks featured a to do list highlighting, the completion and selling of a play, training for a half marathon, raising money for Beacon Hospice and spending time in Hawaii.
All very doable, suddenly, even though I hardly move, hardly write, do not raise money well nor have the dollars to go to Fall River every day, let alone a trip to Hawaii.
Yet, in this zone, I imagine that I am now able to do these things and a million others because I have learnt the secret to life. And, whats more, that I have loved and lost, big time and can still face the world with a smile.