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Dealing with Alzheimer's brought an understanding to me of places that David felt comfortable in visiting.
Could even enjoy at times. One of my fondest memories is an errand routine that we would do once, sometimes twice a week. David loved this errand run and I enjoyed seeing him smile and feel confident, a stolen time when you are thrown into the confusion of this disease.

Today I managed to do the route.
First we drive to Delkin Dry Cleaners. A pure luxury that I decided meant far more than just time for me. David would love his shirts cleaned and pressed here. No starch, on hangers not folded. He trusted his ladies and they would flirt and compliment him. Their exchange was always wonderful and he would spark smiles with his sheer warmth and energy.
Today I took in some of his shirts, so that they are clean and pressed for, whenever. I spoke with Debbie, the manager and she shared her own story, that stunned me. Her own difficult loss, which I never knew about. I praised an…


I find myself at a loss for words. So here is a plug for a weekend I am treating myself with. A great teacher who makes you understand that writing is possible! (Lets hope I'm not at a loss for words when I attend.) Who knows...perhaps the winner will be...David Trad.

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"I've been consulting with GiGi New on a screenplay which was stalled for years and now is movi…