Friday, June 1, 2012


So many things to say.

Mum has always said how returning to an empty home is tough. I didn't truly understand, till I got home the other night after dearest husband was admitted into hospital. I'm sitting here wearing his dressing gown, just sending him love and hoping he knows that a minute isn't passing without me thinking about him.
He couldn't lift his head. He couldn't suck through a straw. He couldn't talk. He couldn't even open his eyes.

I think your outlook changes when you love through that.
As I said earlier, I have so many things to say. They just feel they need to wait for now and I need to rest up to get the thoughts in order. For now all I'm thinking is exactly what I need to be thinking - I love you David, please get stronger. We have more smiles to share, movies to watch and those simple times that are just ours. Please.

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