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Another Alzheimer Day

Returned home from a "Watch the Sunset" drive at 8:30pm.
House became quiet by 9:30pm. I start the laptop (well my neighbors because mine is broken) and say to myself;  just get that final project done in an hour and go to bed.
It is now 11:33pm and I have re-joined Facebook, drank tea, had breakfast cereal, emailed, cried about my Uncle who died this Saturday, watched a piece of video from a dear friend who ordains weddings, internet researched on non work related stuff and watched Clay Aiken's powder foundation crack just slightly when he lost The Apprentice on television tonight.

Guess, I'm distracted. You know all that talk I have been blabbering on about? All the brave stuff about Alzheimer's? Well, we moved into another zone this week end and I am stunned at how difficult this is. I don't think I will share the activities, yet somehow, I just find myself needing to write something here. In fact I wonder if something else is going on medically and tomorr…