Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm so angry right now, that I hope my words will ease the pointless energy that my anger is taking up.
I never really knew what being judgemental was, truly, until about an hour ago.
I witnessed judgmental on a tandem bike enjoying a ride through their mighty land where they remain King and Queen. Being King and Queen in their minds only.
What gives certain people the right to share information so freely about people they know nothing about?
Where do these people dig their thoughts from?
Looking down their noses at people is an Olympic art. Their ears choose what to hear, and that's on the rare occasion that they try to listen. They are the three monkeys in reverse. They try to convince astronomers that there is another planet, called them.

I do not believe in Karma. I wish I did. I just believe in being the best that you can be. Shame on them.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Lake Effects

Next Sunday, May 6th in the US, on the Hallmark Channel, a movie called "Lake Effects" will be aired, starring Jane Seymour.
I want to say so much about this movie. I have been planning this blog in my mind for weeks and still words are not easy.So breathe in and read quickly before I hit delete.

Today on a phone call with a new friend Brenda Avadian from The Caregivers Voice - she commented on how gaining a glimpse on how to live may be found by the bedside of someone who is dying.
When Scott Winters, the writer of Lake Effects, and also actor in it, was diagnosed with cancer, he and his family faced every corner and turn of that illness with dignity, strength and love.

He wrote this movie, about a sudden death of a husband, with humor, beauty and honesty. It is packed with gems of messages for his own dearest family and stories they have shared together. This is a tribute to how he lived and what he wanted most. This is why he brought roses to his wife Sandy, every Friday. He loved his life.

I had never met such a hard working, optimistic actor. I took it for granted. He always had so many projects going on, and he made it look easy. I foolishly told him the last time I saw him that I wanted to write. He quietly laughed and said "you've been saying that for years."

During the last years of his life, there was nothing holding him back and he produced his finest work. He just needed to succeed. He needed this movie to be made in order to leave a continual hug for his family - and it's done just that, providing an unusual, glorious comfort during the first year of his passing. I wonder if he knew (or knows) how much it would keep hugging his friends too?

I guess my point of this posting is to say - if, like me, you hold yourself back, then own up to that and change it or accept it. Go to the next step, in either direction, just move. Look deeper for what you want. Be bold in everything you do. Be fearless. Scott had nothing to lose, because he knew he was already losing, yet he never gave up. Never. His message to us is surely; not to wait.

It is true, I believe, that everyone of us has a story inside. It is also true, that very few, dare to share that.
I am so pleased that Scott did. We can find our greatest teachers, the very best support, right next to us and silently within ourselves. Just stop the fear, listen and move into ACTION.

Right Scott?
As always, love.

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