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Care for a Care Giver

It was me who proposed that April was: Apply Prize Reflections In Life.

So I am going to be truly honest with you and share that yesterday I was not a good care partner.
There is an image of Alzheimer's that highlights the forgetfulness, the tender, yet empty eyes and the end of the movie "The Notebook" where you realize James Garner is talking about Gena Rowlands, his wife who does not remember him.

Yesterday was a typical day. We woke to David being very concerned over what to wear as hundreds of people were coming to our house to hear me speak. Not true by the way.
I had piles of work to get through and during most of it, David stood by my side puffing loudly as though he had a trumpet. By this time he was scared about me going to New York. Which I'm not.
I knew that I needed to get some bills into the post and I know that leaving them in the mail box is not a good idea in our house. I just took a risk because I had no time. Sadly on the fourth time of  David brin…

Opera Moment

Just two days into my April of not focusing on Alzheimer's, I found myself miserable and feeling at a loss.
It is the total opposite of what I wanted and imagined I would feel and discover.
Then BING plus a big Oprah AHA. It hit me.
True confession time - I actually use my husbands illness as an excuse not to do anything.
Shame blushes through me. It's not that I was intending to do that. I quickly add here; for those who do not know me, that I work full time from home while being a care partner, so it's not that I sit on the couch eating chocolate. Insert funny picture of me yesterday doing just that!
Notice how I defend myself quickly.

I know some people who I call opera singers, because it's all about "me me me me meeeee!"
Could I also be an opera buff?
My good intentions are toward David, work, family and friends. The weak tired personalty puts on the opera voice and appears daily in "Madame Moodyfly" or "The Marriage of Victimo".

Alzheimers - Forget about it!

I always love the first day of a brand new month. We have twelve opportunities to start afresh throughout the year and I celebrate them all.
Strictly speaking there are no rules concerning when you start anything new, only the limitations we apply to ourselves.
Being the Queen of my own land, I have ruled that, henceforth, April becomes "Forget about Alzheimer's" month. Please shout with me using an Italian mobster voice while waving your arms - "Alzheimer's - Forget About it!".

I am not raising money for it, I'm not reading about it and I'm not discovering anything new about it. I refuse.
I'm living with it and it's not like I imagine it will eventually go away.
Here's the thing, I have a car. I love my car. I need my car and use it. I don't sit secretly at night and read about it. I don't worry myself to tears that I don't clean it enough or that one day it will not be around any more. I don't sit at my window starring …