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Looking for a Surprise

Earlier today I announced on Twitter that I was going for a quick walk to clear my head and would be looking for something surprising.
Nothing happened and I wonder if that was my surprise.
I truly expected to find something and I promise you, I was looking, well searching.

At the end of the walk a neighbor stopped me and asked if I had seen her dog. Aha, I thought loudly, suddenly feeling a connection to Oprah. This is the moment. I spent an hour driving around looking for the little dog. I am sad to say I did not find her and I really, truly, awfully, with determination and complete faith searched, holding onto a knowing feeling that I would find the missing dog.
So again, is my disappointment, the surprise I was looking for?
Is the failure the lesson? Is my reaction to it my opportunity to let go of how I expect things to work out?
I seem to bounce between being Pollyanna or The Grinch. Perhaps the trick is to find the character in between, let's call her Polly Inch.

Perhaps t…

Change and A Do Over

Old Fogey Warning

An old fogey is a term often used to refer to older people who are not aware of what is hip and who are out of touch with contemporary thought and activities.
I am in danger of becoming an old fogey.  In fact, I wonder if I am already there?
Here are ten things I experienced this weekend that could be signs of  O.F.L - Old Fogey Living:

1) you know where to find prune juice in the supermarket
2) you have a favorite post office
3) you are excited to see the Ann Hope Garden Outlet has opened for the season
4) you plan to visit the Ann Hope Garden Outlet "just to look"
5) you do not know any of the younger actors in the movie: The Hunger Games
6) you can't remember the names of the other actors in the movie: The Hunger Games
7) you wake up in the night doing something odd, similar to Popeye, with your mouth
8) wearing sneakers all the time begins to make sense
9) looking at Yoga positions - you think why and ouch
10) you are secretly happy that the temperature has gone do…