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Books to Read PART TWO

Books you Must Read PART ONE

I love reading and I especially love it when you read two really great books in a row.

Never having written a review before, all I can do is tell you about them, as though we were sharing a cup of tea and a slice of cake. So, putting you feet up on the furniture you ask me "Read anything good lately?" And I say:

LOVED - Last Letter From Your Lover by JoJo Moyes

"Last Letter from your Lover" is a gorgeous love story featuring Jennifer and a man simply known as Boot. Beautifully and passionately written, it is a reminder that true love can exist. The first half of the novel is set in the 1960s, providing us with a great comparison for our approach to romance today, when we meet Ellie forty years later, who discovers the letters written between Jennifer and Boot. The pains of her own romance are heightened as she learns more about the love affair, and it leads you to question how love can complete or end a life.
As someone who guesses plots, I was surprised at some o…

Marathon Running - New Bedford

Last night, I stretched, I limbered, I ate a ton of pasta and this morning I was ready!
To cheer on Emily (step daughter) as she ran the New Bedford Half Marathon.

David and I plotted ourselves at the half way mark, between McDonalds and Domino Pizza. We were outside a nail salon - who I feel had missed a marketing opportunity of advertising  Recovery Pedicures for runners. I would have suggested it, as I gained permission to sit in their parking lot, however the wrinkled faces kind of scared of me. I had to remind myself they were sitting around a foot bath - not a bubbling cauldron.

Planning for laziness has always been a skill of mine, Sally and Stanley, The Deckchairs made their first public appearance for the season. Sadly I think a cat has been enjoying them in the garage, so I better clean them up before we hit the beach. Though it may be a great way of marking our own territory! I had bought coffee and adapted my desire for doughnuts with a croissant. That's healthy - righ…