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A life lived is
Confetti in the air
A slice of fruit that is so good
The taste will never be found again.
Knowing you are right and proving it
Wondering if you are wrong and avoiding it
Fighting for what you want
Or sitting back and watching it fade
Books read
Movies watched
Photographs posed for
Or not.
Stolen walks in a park
Joyous walks on a beach.
Laughter in a theater
Silence by a river.
Airplanes, boats, trains and cars
An ambulance
A limo
Possibly a cart.
Collections just forgotten
Ambitions tried
Wishes whispered
Names and numbers swapped
I did nothing today
While someone somewhere
Did all the above.

Ides of March

Beware the Ides of March. NO! I say lets celebrate. Here are ten things you can do to pay tribute!

1) Walk backwards so you can see whats coming.
2) Wear a toga.
3) Apologize as you eat Caesar salad today.
4) Play Mark Anthony songs all day. (Sorry Jennifer)
5) Watch George Clooneys movie Ides of March all day. (No change there then!)
6) Hide all your kitchen knives.
7) Drink sparkling wine all day. Et tu Brute?
8) Visit a physic and end by saying "you're kidding right?"
9) I think Caesar was stabbed going to the theater - so don't go to the theater.
10) Ides of March was a day dedicated to the God Mars - eat lots of Mars bars!

Lecture from Care Givers

My aunt is recovering from a heart attack she had on Thursday. She is 82 and the full time care partner for her 85 year old husband who has an oxygen tank and dementia as well as other things. She is small, very sweet, shy and bakes the best jam tart I have ever and will ever have.

Her neighbor visited her in hospital, and told her that he isn't surprised that she had a heart attack. She does everything. He thinks she does too much.

I know that she keeps the house, herself and her husband immaculate. Cooks, cleans, worries, smiles and no doubt cries alone. She always has.

AND here is my lecture. It is to that neighbor and all the other people who tell, instruct and criticize care givers for giving supposedly too much.
Let me tell you straight.
When you are forced into a position of care giving - you do so with all your heart, power and more.
You do not stop paying attention to things that you have always paid attention to. Your personality does not stop - in fact it grows, as doe…