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It's a very normal state of play these days to create a Bucket List. I like to set trends; Women Beyond the Verge of Frumpiness will be a fashion one day.
So instead of a list of things I want to do, I have created a list of things I want to say in my life time.
Importantly to say them within an honest context.

1) Isn't it beautiful?
2) I believe you are looking for me?
3) Who shall I dedicate this to?
4) A bottle of your finest champagne please.
5) I've always wanted to come here.
6) I have been fun, fearless and beautifully happy.
7) Come with me, I want to show you something.
8) Hold my calls please.
9) We gotta get a bigger cake.
10) First Class please.  (to be specific to number 10 - I mean first class transportation - not postage!)

Throwing It Out There

Hey Everyone -

I have been thinking about this quietly. Made steps last week and now I am announcing it LOUDLY!

April 9th will be my final day at work.
It's been ten years and last Wednesday when I found myself deciding what to be between a wife or
a great company director, it was no problem for me to say wife. My company has been fabulous with its response and understanding every step of the way.

Its time to focus on our David as much as I can and with as much energy as I can.
The love bit is easy.

I have been afraid of letting you all know - until this minute, when a light sparked inside for me.
That this is what I am best to do right now.
That perhaps with less distraction and stress, our home environment will be a better one.
We know we are not able to reverse the illness. Perhaps, though, I can cushion, protect
and give as much security and comfort, that maybe as good as medicine.
To walk in the sun together instead of saying, here David, sit by the window and watch me
work o…