Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Things to Notice

Things that have recently caught my attention.

1) John Travolta's Action Man Doll hairstyle. I don't get it.

2) How on earth do you open Garniers Dark Spot Creme? Truly, it would be easier for a child to pop a champagne cork. It's ridiculously complicated and the instructions are tiny. My reading glasses cannot even help.

3) Sometimes the GPS acts weird. The other day it stated that I was at my final destination, which was a church named "Of Sinners and Saints'. What was it trying to tell me?

4) Repeating a certain word like Sorry or Thank you. I like saying thank you, however I thank people for their thank you. It's annoying because then it sounds sarcastic. Do not get me started with me saying sorry. I'm quitting sorry.

5) When I light a candle next to my bed to relax, the fear of it falling over, exploding or being seen as something naughty from the outside, does not help me to relax. Yet I always try it and end up tense.

6) I have bought a really good full length mirror. It allows me to look taller and slimmer, resulting in a happier me. So why aren't ALL mirrors produced this way?

7) I noticed that the goose that chased me on Sunday, appeared to have lips. Could this be correct?

8) Today my bubble bath smelt of chicken pot noodle (a UK plastic potted food). Have my bath bubbles always smelt this way? How did I not notice this before? Or if it was only today - why on earth would it smell that way?

9) In the car, I was enjoying music from an unknown radio station when the name of the program was announced: Dance with Marjory and Dick. It really put me off.

10) I adore wearing boots with jeans/trousers tucked into the boot. I can do this successfully with a pair of skinny black trousers - yet only for one leg! The other leg looks like a plumbing malfunction.
It doesn't matter which leg either, right or left, it's always the second one that doesn't work. I have even tried pushing down all the bulging rims with a ruler, (genius!) until the ruler snapped and was stuck in the boot.

PS - by the time I have flustered and bustled with the boot situation, once I stand up again, the skinny trousers have since rolled down from my waist and I get that nice hammock of material between my thighs and the stomach peeking out above, like dough waiting to become bread.
(Even the skinny mirror can't convince me of that one!)


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  1. Ok, that was hilarious and I needed a good laugh today! Hugs to you!


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