Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My David at Four Months

Take My Hand 

I see him running down that English hill
His laugh full of joy, celebrating freedom.
A light shone around him, from him and through him.
My breath pondered. Questioning it’s need to continue.
As I had seen a simple truth in that moment. Love.
I thought to myself;
I either want to be You or be with You for the rest of my life.
Not needing You to turn as I knew your face already.
It was the handsome one with charming smile.
The one who kissed me in a premonition many years ago.
And now, twelve years later I know I received what I asked for.
You gave me time with You and now
You remain beating through my heart.
For that’s the only way I can explain how I move through this dreadful,
Empty, lowliness and loneliness.
I say that I will live for You. To do the things You wanted.
And I know it's your gift, because it's all for me.
To reach the peaks that You never thought You could climb to.
To share words. To illuminate to and for others.
To care. To laugh. To sing. To touch. To kiss. To mean something for a while.
Just the same as You
 As You ran down that English hill.
                                        This is that actual moment
                                           Photo by our dear friend Erik Johnson - April 2001 

I miss you David my love. I miss the things we had and those we had no chance or honor of knowing as our own. I wonder why it has to be like this? I hope that it makes sense when next you take my hand.

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