Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Heal

It's ten am in Massachusetts and I am incredibly fortunate to have time to recognize that I am smiling.

Wrapped in a blanket, still in pajamas I am drinking a good cup of tea and Frasier is playing on the television. The pain in my shoulder is fast asleep, there is no headache, there are no tears.
I remain bereaved and concerned, no to be honest scared about my future. I need to look for work, a new home and to focus on a dream. It all takes tremendous courage and energy to continue and yet right now I am loving just smiling.

Taking a blind stab at it, I am guessing this is how to heal.
To notice everything and then forget everything.
To stop and breathe.
To let go.
To let go of heart, mind and spirit.
To then embrace them all again, welcoming them and saying all will be OK.

I am ignoring the inner voice, who says bitterly, that's easy for you to say.
Because actually it can't be easy - as this is the first time I have had this recognition for years.
Even if the feelings have been here, I have not considered myself enough to notice.
It's wonderful to care enough to notice and pay tribute.

It's ten am, do you know where your heart, mind and spirit are?

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