Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Secondary Characters - Blog Hop

I am excited to take part in my first blog hop with other writers and inspired by Libby Mercer.
Our invite was to write a post about secondary characters.

When I was at drama school, studying to be a professional actress, a tired, bitter female teacher told me that the only roles I would ever get were the secondary character ones. The quirky and/or plumpies with British cockney accents, often the comedic friend who pops into every episode.
I did not take this news as the negative comment it was meant to be, because those were exactly the acting roles I wanted. Ironically enough, she was totally wrong! I became a successful stage lead, ha just kidding. I failed many auditions and didn't get to be fourthly characters let alone secondary. However, I digress (often and with snacks). Here follows my post on fictional secondary characters.

Thinking about "girly books" I am reminded of one of my favorite chick heroines. That being the wonderful story of Cinderella. Short story run through in case you are not familiar with the tale (really?!):
chick gets poor, moves in with step mum who hates her, there is a lot of magic with a pumpkin, chick dances with a prince, she leaves behind a Prada shoe, (always good to leave something behind for the excuse to go back) prince finds her, marries her, paparazzi everywhere, she goes topless and everyone lives happily ever after.
I read the original story of Cinderella from The Grimm Brothers. The secondary characters for me are the birds. Alfred Hitchcock would agree because he made a movie about them. 
It is the turtle doves and the pigeons who pick pick pick all the lentils out from the ashes and bring CinderChick a great frock to wear. Those birds saved her day, actually her life, and the Princes life. That's what a great secondary character could/would/should do: inspire, motivate and put into action a change of events that our leading character cannot begin. It is often a surprise when the secondary steps up to do this and it's the moment that highlights their loyalty and love for the lead. 
Here's something that I admire in writing; is when the secondary does an additional act, that will show yet another side to their character. In the movie Notting Hill - remember when Hugh Grants Welsh weirdo housemate, jumps out of the car to direct the traffic in order for Hugh to get to Julia Roberts.
My second surprise from the pigeons in Cinderella were that they peck peck peck peck the eyes out from both Ugly Sisters. Isn't that awful???? They risk becoming a bad thanksgiving meal for the anger they have toward Cinders enemies. Good idea Mr.Disney to edit that scene from your movie.

I have a prize of my favorite Summer read from the brilliant Leslie Daniels - Cleaning Nabokov's House. I loved this book and thoroughly enjoyed a set of dishy men as secondary characters.
So to win please post your answer: If the Brothers Grimm had a modern day life profession other than writing, what would you have them do?
My favorite answer will win a brand new copy of the book. You can also tweet me (see my connection to theme!) @JayneHannah1
Please do not forget to add your email so that I may contact you.
Take a look at other writers below at their postings and prizes.
Remember if you cannot be a leading character at times, then be a sensational secondary character.
Surprise yourself.


  1. Interesting post - particularly using The Brothers Grimm! They scared the living bejesus out of me, I have to say! And I had never thought about the birds in that way before, but of course, you're right.
    I think the Brothers Grimm would be plastic surgeons who wouldn't use anaesthetic!
    Enjoy the rest of the blog hop, Sooz

  2. Way to think outside of the box, Jayne! What a cool idea - the birds as Cinderella's secondary characters. Now, I really don't think I could top Sooz's idea, but how about this: they could run a youth detention center for naughty children. Scare them straight or something. :-) Great post!

  3. Jayne, LOVED IT! You went around the block and over the bridge to get out of that box and I agree Leslie Daniels is brilliant! Hope you get a moment to visit with moi and become a follower. I look forward to reading more of your writing. Great fun! xo cindy

  4. Loved this post!! I've never read The Brothers Grimm but I suspect their stories might be too scary for the wimp in me! ;)

  5. I love it :) How fun! I think the creepy Brothers would make fantastic lawyers! Throw them in a court room, and they'd be kings :)

    Thanks for a great giveaway! :)
    songbird1613 at yahoo dot com

  6. Well, since I love the television show Grimm, I am going to go with police officers or detectives in the special and highly classified "un-human/demon" department.

  7. What a clever post, Jayne! CinderChick - hee! And now you've made me want to go and look up more info on Cleaning Nabokov's House. No need to enter me in your contest as I am another author on the hop and want to give others the chance to win your fab prize!

    As for a modern-day profession for the Grimm Brothers, how about coroners at the morgue? They seemed to love the grisly in their stories, so they'd be right at home performing autopsies!

  8. I've have them design and build castles.


  9. Love this, Jayne:

    Remember if you cannot be a leading character at times, then be a sensational secondary character.

    Great tag line! No need to enter me in the giveaway, I'm a fellow Hopper and want other visitors to win.

  10. What a fantastic post, Jayne! Hmmm, well, I think the Brothers Grimm would be perfect undertakers. No need to enter me because I'm on the hop, too!

  11. I would have in the Haunted Mansion in Disney World! THey would be wonderful there or They would open their own amazing park! OMG could you imagine?????
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    tobihelton at gmail dot com

  12. I think they should be TV producer/writers or even actors/performers lol
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


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