Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meaningful Beauty and Getting Wiser

I know I am getting wiser because…………

  • At 1am I do not want to hear Cindy Crawford tell me how much I need to purchase Meaningful Beauty.
  • Listening to a popular radio station is like listening to songs from the Disney Channel.
  • Clothing leaves imprints.
  • I no longer wear reading glasses trying to show that I’m intelligent and/or sexy. Now I actually need them to read.
  • I’m putting my pennies together to exchange for notes at the bank.
  • I buy earrings and sparkly bracelets instead of lingerie.
  • I’m considering buying Meaningful Beauty in the next fourteen minutes for the fifty percent discount and free shipping.
  • I was shocked at the cleavage on the Red Carpet during the Emmy Awards. How do they do that?
  • I double check for tooth loss after chewing Mentos.
  • When visiting the store Forever 21, I keep saying loudly: “Now what did my niece say she wanted?” For fear that people will imagine that I am in there for myself.  Which I totally am and never understand why I torture myself like that.  I'm glad to say it is only an annual event that often inspires depression, a diet and a chocolate binge.
  • I’m searching for the credit card to purchase Meaningful Beauty. I just need to locate my glasses in order to find the credit card, and why do they give that telephone number so quickly?
  • Wait a minute - why am I still up?

1 comment:

  1. I think it's funny that I just mentioned that infomercial to the Anonymous Mother and the next day you posted about it. Are we sharing some brain cells or something??


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