Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 I find myself at a loss for words. So here is a plug for a weekend I am treating myself with. A great teacher who makes you understand that writing is possible! (Lets hope I'm not at a loss for words when I attend.)
Who knows...perhaps the winner will be...David Trad.

Title: THE NEW WAY: ABC’s of Great Screenwriting
Tagline: 3 days of putting the “fun” in the fundamentals of great screenwriting
Dates: October 12th to October 14 2012
Location: Captain Freeman Inn, Brewster, MA 02631
YOU – determined to write your movie
TEACHER: GiGi New– professional screenwriter and script consultant
Ticket Price: only $375
There are only 5 places left to join this small group for an empowered screenwriting weekend.
TO BOOK - www.the-new-way-script-consultation.com

Gift yourself the most inspiring weekend a writer can have!

"I've been consulting with GiGi New on a screenplay which was stalled for years and now is moving. She's a positive critic who identifies strengths in a piece and helps overcome the corrosive self-doubt that writers struggle with. Writing will always be a solitary line of work but GiGi makes it less so. And she laughs a lot, which is good.”

Garrison Keillor ~ “A Prairie Home Companion”


“Everyone has a great story in them.” …. I was told by Alli Shearmur, President of Motion Picture Production for Lionsgate. And guess what? It’s true.

Whether your idea is based on a true story, a personal experience or something born out of your imagination…. it deserves to be put down on the page.

But how do we do it? How does the idea go from being an original thought, to being realized?

Spend 3 days with me and we will unlock the answers together.

About the class:  We will spend our time discussing what makes for a strong idea and screenplay. The class will entail elements such as:

  • Screenplay Format
  • The World of the Story
  • Character Arcs
  • Story Arcs
  • Dialogue
  • The importance of the first page
  • Tone, Theme, Point of View
  • Stakes
  • Genre
  • Writing exercise… putting pen to paper
  • Marketplace
  • Discussing the pros and cons of your screenplay idea

Plus much, much more!

Who is the class for?: All levels… from beginners to seasoned professionals

GiGi New Bio

GiGi New is a film and television writer. She has written over a dozen scripts, been staffed on sitcoms. A finalist for The Disney Fellowship, she began her career as an assistant on Everybody Loves Raymond, and moved on to writing for the award wining Nickelodeon family series The Brothers Garcia.  She has since worked for Gavin Polone (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Gilmore Girls), Wally Wallodarsky, and Maya Forbes (The Larry Sanders Show) on the FOX series The Ortega’s. She recently returned from LA wherein she pitched her own show to all of the networks.
She has developed numerous features for several studios and independent producers, among them: Aqua Entertainment, Gunn Films, The Walt Disney Company, Maya Entertainment, Avalanche Entertainment, and Underground Films. She also has a feature film, Charmed and Dangerous, that is to be produced this summer.

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