Saturday, June 23, 2012

Short thank you

I am thanking my friends for the wonderful comments I received on my last blog.
They were full of the best advice, support and connection I have ever felt. Thank you.

It led me to understand that the quiet wisdom is the strongest. It is not always the professionals with clipboards. It is the not the loudest person in the room whose ego attends, rather than their soul. It comes from those who care enough to listen and are brave enough to share, thoughtfully, remembering who they are speaking with. In this world there is talk and then there is conversation. Huge difference.

The greatest gift you can give to yourself and others is to know yourself and take the extra mile in order to remain true.

For those that choose to ignore anyone who is sick because of their illness are only highlighting their lack of desire to stretch further than their own belts. I'm proud that I am not that type of person.

Off now for a date with my David, including strawberries, M&Ms and The New Yorker. These too are treasured times and I am not wasting a second. David himself taught me that when I first met him and, dear friends, your thoughts and emails reminded me of that. 

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