Saturday, June 9, 2012

Most Beautiful Letter

Below is the most beautiful email I have ever received. Emily said it was OK to share.
Everyone, please, please send David every thought of love that you can.

Dear Jayne,
Tonight the fireflies were out. I wait for this time every year - when the fireflies hatch and there are as many as the stars in the sky and they light up the fields. Phil and I sat on the bench and watched, and lightening flashed, and I saw a shooting star. And on the star I wished for peace for Dad. And I remembered the Loving Kindness Meditation.

It goes like this:

May you be mentally happy.

May you be physically happy.

May you be safe.

May you have ease of well-being.
And while you repeat the meditation over and over, you hold a mental picture of the person you are saying it for. And it felt like just the right prayer for Dad, and I thought that if god were anywhere, god was in that field - in the fireflies, in the lightening, in the chirping birds, and in the shooting star.

I am sharing it with you because it felt like the perfect manifestation prayer. I think it puts words to our hopes. If it works for you, say it for Dad, but also for yourself. Say, "May I be mentally happy..."
I love you so much.
May we be mentally happy.

May we be physically happy.

May we be safe.

May we have ease of well-being.


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