Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm so angry right now, that I hope my words will ease the pointless energy that my anger is taking up.
I never really knew what being judgemental was, truly, until about an hour ago.
I witnessed judgmental on a tandem bike enjoying a ride through their mighty land where they remain King and Queen. Being King and Queen in their minds only.
What gives certain people the right to share information so freely about people they know nothing about?
Where do these people dig their thoughts from?
Looking down their noses at people is an Olympic art. Their ears choose what to hear, and that's on the rare occasion that they try to listen. They are the three monkeys in reverse. They try to convince astronomers that there is another planet, called them.

I do not believe in Karma. I wish I did. I just believe in being the best that you can be. Shame on them.

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