Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something to Ponder

Sometimes I worry. Couple of true examples for you:

1) I worry that I use the free return address labels that I receive from charities, without giving a donation to them.
2) I worry that it is nearly May and I am still using seasonal address labels from concern number one.
This clearly indicates to everyone I am mailing to, that I do not have enough friends that receive
seasonal cards to warrant using all those labels in one season.
3) I worry that the warning signal on the TV one day will not be a warning and I really have no clue as to what I should do.
4) Decision: If number 3 should happen, I will grab husband, Max The Cat and beer and aim for the basement where we will befriend spiders that we will name Charlotte. Hence worry: is this the correct thing to do?
5) I worry that most medication prescribed to me are sugar pills and that when I say they work, the doctors laugh at me, because some days, like today, they do not work. So if they were not sugar pills, how can they possibly be inconsistent? Hence my worry that all pills are sugar pills. Hence future blog piece entitled "My Medication is Making me Fat."
6)  I worry that when I reserve travel arrangements nothing will be there when I get there.
7) I worry that when I reserve theater tickets that nothing will be there when I get there.
8) I worry that if numbers 7 & 8 are OK - that I am in the wrong seat.
9) I worry that if I am aware of body and foot odor in a public place that it is coming from me. Hence my lack of passion for exercise. (Great excuse - right?!)
10) I worry more about my concern over not wanting to clean my dirty windows and blinds, than I worry over how dirty they actually are.

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