Thursday, April 12, 2012


With Alzheimer's I had forgotten (pun intended) that David also has cancer. We had the regular three month check up yesterday at the Lahey Clinic in Boston.
It is a slow growing prostate cancer. He has had an operation, chemo, hormone therapy, nothing left now, just to wait.
It always surprises me that in the cancer departments when a patient is asked how are they, the majority answer great. It's their simple choice. Nobody is kidding anyone. Nobody is being sarcastic. It's just the better answer when you are doing all you can to survive.
That place is constantly busy. Old faces, young brave faces, smiles, newcomers clutching their notes and the regulars with their packed lunches and library books.
My husband cried because he could not remember his name and I was relieved that he could not remember why we were there.
Today, I want to buy two tickets to Hawaii and sell coconuts on the beach. Isn't that another way to survive?

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