Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Thank you for great responses regarding a good old, weird, not to be forgotten bruise. Here are my favorite answers, in no particular order.

Best Friend, My Pink & Golden Star - Brenda
Side of head after falling off front of stage when lighting failed - name of play 'Say Something Happened'.
(Brenda also, ironically nearly broke a leg during this performance.)

Beautiful Sheryl -
Well I guess mine would be from the forceps when I was pulled out of ,my Mother's womb. I still have the bruise today. The doctor said it would go away but it never did!

Gorgeous Sandy -
Have you seen my rollarcoaster bruise? An original, earned by riding the Coney Island Comet ALONE!

My San Francisco Laughter Fix Michael -
First TV commercial I was booked for. Went to bed, woke up with a big bruise under my right eye. Looked like I was in a street fight. It took the poor make up person an hour to cover it. All I could think was they were going to fire me. Still have no idea what happened and it lasted a week!
Dashing Rob -
Do hickeys count as bruises?
(Thanks for the image of that my dear Rob!)

Oldest Dear Friend Jim (not oldest in age!)
I did fall off my bike on the way home from the pub one evening and bruised my ribs something rotten. But there’s nothing odd about that, is there? ;-)
(I have seen Jim fall over before, so I know this to be true. Though I believe he has seen me fall over too!)

My Dearest Rachel -
My most embarrassing bruise was actually the one I gave my husband by kicking his shin with a wooden clog. He still bears the scar from 1972!

My London Toy Boy Gavin -
Last year I tried to squeeze a spot on my face. The resulting bruise looked like a love bite on my cheek.
A picture can be seen on Twitter!

The funniest has to go to Dynamic Shannon -
When I was 10, and much much smaller, I was at a friends house who had a pool and a water slide. There was a bucket we used to pour water down the slide, then we would throw the bucket back into the pool. When it was my turn, I managed to slide down successfully only to land butt first into the damned bucket. I am talking about me, folded in half, stuck in a bucket, and then sinking to the bottom of the pool because I couldn't move my arms or legs to stay afloat. My mom had to pull me out, and it took a couple of people pulling on the bucket to get it off my ass. The giant, circular bruise it left went all the way around my lower back, ass cheeks, and upper thighs and lasted for a few weeks. It was super nasty looking!

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  1. These made me laugh so hard!! What a great topic! Brilliant!!


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