Sunday, April 1, 2012

Alzheimers - Forget about it!

I always love the first day of a brand new month. We have twelve opportunities to start afresh throughout the year and I celebrate them all.
Strictly speaking there are no rules concerning when you start anything new, only the limitations we apply to ourselves.
Being the Queen of my own land, I have ruled that, henceforth, April becomes "Forget about Alzheimer's" month. Please shout with me using an Italian mobster voice while waving your arms - "Alzheimer's - Forget About it!".

I am not raising money for it, I'm not reading about it and I'm not discovering anything new about it. I refuse.
I'm living with it and it's not like I imagine it will eventually go away.
Here's the thing, I have a car. I love my car. I need my car and use it. I don't sit secretly at night and read about it. I don't worry myself to tears that I don't clean it enough or that one day it will not be around any more. I don't sit at my window starring at it in case something should happen. I love it, appreciate it and I actually do thank it following long trips. I live with it.

Yes, my husband has an illness that offers many tiring challenges and a fog of sadness. Yes, I am pretty worn out and need a breather. Yes, I truly wish 'Speaking Alzheimer's' was not the well read book sitting by my bed instead of 'The Kama Sutra!'

This month I'm going to ignore Alzheimer's and will let you know how it goes, day by day.
That of course does not mean with holding medication or not following all the tricks I have found. I'm not being stupid. I just want a change of focus. We're still alive - even if one of us eats her anger away and the other one sleeps with his shoes on. Max The Cat knows to limit the 'all you can eat buffet of open food cans' and I'm less perplexed about the really weird stains that make our home unique.

If you have your own version of Alzheimer's - an illness, a problem, a concern, a habit you wish to lose - try and forget about it this month. Apply Prize Reflections In Life. Change your glasses and study something else.
It's an experiment, let me know what happens.

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