Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alzheimer's Again

It's midnight! Whoa. Happy New Day!
Ten signs of being an Alzheimer's care partner:

1) You have been working since six am, again.
2) Your feet stick to the kitchen floor like a fly to wax paper, again.
3) You have put all the clean shirts back in the closet, twice since five pm, again.
4) There are five  six opened and full beer bottles in your kitchen, again.
4.5) Nope, make that seven.
5) You are considering plastic Ala "Everybody Loves Raymond" coverings for the furniture, again.
6) You have attempted to watch "We Bought a Zoo" four times since six pm. again.
7) You have attempted to work out your purpose four times within the last hour, again.
8) You were just told "you're a pasty painter, with a shot in the head", again.
9) Your cat is now the size of a Shetland Pony due to the amount of canned food opened, again.
10) You appreciate the bathroom sink flooding as an opportunity to clean the bathroom floor, again.

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