Friday, March 2, 2012

They'd Be Days Like This

 I am just concluding a Friday that I swear I saw in the movie "One flew over the Cuckoos Nest."
To prevent my consumption of a fourth Cadbury's Creme Egg in a row, I checked out my reliable horoscope for tomorrow. I need a boost of excitement to get up in the morning. So here goes....

Virgo March 3rd:
Today Virgo will be positively influenced by Emotional Connections, A Phrase From A Book and Sobek God Of River Nile. Tefnut Goddess Of Rains, A Hairstyle and A Teapot will have a negative influence on Virgo today.

 I love the quote: a hairstyle and a teapot!!! I want to own that store, or write that book. As owner of that store, I will change my name to Tefnut - which could/should/would be:
a) character from The Wind in the Willows meets Harry Potter
b) a chocolate bar that pretends to be healthy and an aid to endless energy
c) a set of saucepans

How on earth is a hairstyle and/or a teapot going to be negative for me? I almost want to visit a hair salon next to a Pottery Barn just to find out! 
Of course what really scares me is that my Twitter page features a teapot. (Insert Twilight Zone music!) (Thank you Jen & Gavin who actually just did that!)

Anyway, I have to go and pay attention to my dearest, who is currently wearing a suit jacket and a pair of my trousers to bed. Hilarious seeing as my waist is the same as his height! 
Mind you, I am not judging as I am aware that I just spent the whole day wearing my sweater inside out.

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