It's a very normal state of play these days to create a Bucket List. I like to set trends; Women Beyond the Verge of Frumpiness will be a fashion one day.
So instead of a list of things I want to do, I have created a list of things I want to say in my life time.
Importantly to say them within an honest context.

1) Isn't it beautiful?
2) I believe you are looking for me?
3) Who shall I dedicate this to?
4) A bottle of your finest champagne please.
5) I've always wanted to come here.
6) I have been fun, fearless and beautifully happy.
7) Come with me, I want to show you something.
8) Hold my calls please.
9) We gotta get a bigger cake.
10) First Class please.  (to be specific to number 10 - I mean first class transportation - not postage!)


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