Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marathon Running - New Bedford

Last night, I stretched, I limbered, I ate a ton of pasta and this morning I was ready!
To cheer on Emily (step daughter) as she ran the New Bedford Half Marathon.

David and I plotted ourselves at the half way mark, between McDonalds and Domino Pizza. We were outside a nail salon - who I feel had missed a marketing opportunity of advertising  Recovery Pedicures for runners. I would have suggested it, as I gained permission to sit in their parking lot, however the wrinkled faces kind of scared of me. I had to remind myself they were sitting around a foot bath - not a bubbling cauldron.

Planning for laziness has always been a skill of mine, Sally and Stanley, The Deckchairs made their first public appearance for the season. Sadly I think a cat has been enjoying them in the garage, so I better clean them up before we hit the beach. Though it may be a great way of marking our own territory! I had bought coffee and adapted my desire for doughnuts with a croissant. That's healthy - right? I didn't think cheering runners with sugar and jelly on my face would be appropriate.

It was exciting to see the runners pass. It was also rather pleasant to be able to legally shout "Looking Good" to handsome men in shorts. I wore my sunglasses so they couldn't see me winking. The front runners were Nike models. (Must buy a camera.)  They had reached seven miles in about twenty minutes. I don't even drive that fast! I was incredibly inspired. Some runners looked like a walk in a park, while others were undergoing root canals. Yet still they ran.

One was barefoot, three were dressed as Mexican Amigos, the odd mixture of St.Patrick followers in green and one woman in a red tutu. A few were pushing prams, now I felt that was cheating. The babies should have ran if they wanted to compete. Surely that's spoiling your children?

I was so proud to see Emily. I was sweating more than her just getting up from the deck chair. I respect that she cares and values her body. She knows her limits and that nothing can be taken for granted. For breakfast she had Chia Seeds,  perhaps they grow into those grass statues, I didn't like to ask. My point is that she has a great passion for health and well being. She is the teacher who makes you feel anything is within reach. Celery or chocolate, its your choice and both are OK. Emily placed 943 position out of 2724 runners. Yeahhhhhhhh!

It was fun to be part of the community watching strangers clapping one another on, with a sense of purpose and fun. Beautiful day for such a race. It has left me considering possible opportunities to get this body moving. (Pinch me, this might be a dream or nightmare.)
Congratulations to all those who say marathon naturally and my respect to those who need to make a huge effort and still find themselves pinning a number to their t shirts. "Good on Ya" for all those who train, study and do it!  For some of us, OUR lives are OURS. For some of us, running from a gunshot means we are competing not surviving. A gunshot should mean good luck - not hide.
We can celebrate that freedom here. We have the choice, and that's worth more than a doughnut on a gorgeous March day.

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