Thursday, March 29, 2012

Looking for a Surprise

Earlier today I announced on Twitter that I was going for a quick walk to clear my head and would be looking for something surprising.
Nothing happened and I wonder if that was my surprise.
I truly expected to find something and I promise you, I was looking, well searching.

At the end of the walk a neighbor stopped me and asked if I had seen her dog. Aha, I thought loudly, suddenly feeling a connection to Oprah. This is the moment. I spent an hour driving around looking for the little dog. I am sad to say I did not find her and I really, truly, awfully, with determination and complete faith searched, holding onto a knowing feeling that I would find the missing dog.
So again, is my disappointment, the surprise I was looking for?
Is the failure the lesson? Is my reaction to it my opportunity to let go of how I expect things to work out?
I seem to bounce between being Pollyanna or The Grinch. Perhaps the trick is to find the character in between, let's call her Polly Inch.

Perhaps the truth is, that action works better than glasses. I look for ways of feeling connected, I ask for signs that I am on the right path, rather than just simply being on the right path.
Instead of looking at the night sky asking for a shooting star, I could/should/would just appreciate that I can see the night sky. 
Not sure, and I am going to accept that for now. Polly Inch says it all counts.

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