Thursday, March 22, 2012

Books to Read PART TWO

"So what book did you read next?" you ask and then hear a great yell of "YOU MUST READ THIS".

My next read had me at it's opening line: "I knew I could stay in this town when I found the blue enamel pot floating in the lake."
From that point you are thrown into Barb's upside down life in "Cleaning Nabokov's House" vibrantly written by Leslie Daniels. What I so enjoyed here, is the intelligent sense of humor. It is witty, clever, honest with laugh out loud scenes, that are original and bold. One scene, titled Pencil Skirt, I read immediately again, I enjoyed it so much. Barb is going through a divorce, and feelings regarding her children and her own life are beautifully described. She's truly at the bus stop of loss, and then she discovers a manuscript, perhaps written by Vladmir Nabokov.  It's that great cocktail, where you are laughing on one page and then having your heart tugged on another. Look out for a brilliant business idea too, that has since featured in a dream of mine, and I say that while blushing!!

How did I chose the book? -  It was mentioned on twitter, released in paperback last week.
Will it be a movie? - Absolutely, 100 %.
What's next from Leslie Daniels? - currently writing as we speak (while searching for the right breakfast!)

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