Saturday, February 25, 2012


I was wondering (and kind of hoping to be honest) that this is the moment in my life when I stay up all night and write the breakthrough script that gets attention and begins the career I have been dreaming of.

I suppose for that I should make coffee, wear glasses and look at the laptop screen yawning, yet begin typing in a determined rhythm. Its that movie moment when the lead actress gets serious, puts her hair up and the audience notice how great she looks without make up. You are witnessing the serious, committed side and you know it's the turning point. Intro tinkly music and dim lighting - even though she's busy writing and should take advantage of overhead lighting.
Well I cant sleep, yet two hours, one twitter and a session cuddling the cat have not produced the screenplay.
When I first started this blog I used to write about my daily horoscope. It was always amusing to Jen, that my stars were quite the opposite of my reality. So for writing inspiration I just looked up my stars.
Today they said: Your sassiness is really paying off now. You are at the top of your game.
Well, the closest I am to sass, is my gas!  My body is currently having a noisy revolution with itself. Never have I pushed the supermarket trolley so quickly up the frozen foods aisle, as I did today. Apologies to anyone who was caught in a deadly perfume wafting from a woman hunched up, wearing all black and sounding like a duck. I truly considered visiting the Fabreze section for a quick revamp.

For tomorrow my horoscope says: You need to say no to people today when they come asking for help. Unless it's life or death.
That's exciting and warrants a day when I will not answer the door or telephone. Be warned, if you knock with only one arm because the other has been chopped off in a carving knife incident, you had better be specific, because I will be saying NO tomorrow.
And now, inspiration hits and I begin the screenplay:
Woman, attractive, obviously intelligent, sits typing, while laughing at her own combustion skills. She hears a knock at the door. She chooses not to answer it, and opens another packet of chocolate Yodels. When, then......................................

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