Saturday, February 11, 2012

Twitter Ban

I am going to ban myself from Twitter, before I get arrested.

I sound like a right idiot on that thing.

First, I don't really understand it properly and act as though I do. It is the same as an old lady wearing leather trousers. You just shouldn't do it!

Second, I send honest tweets to famous people and when I read them back, I sound like I should be sitting in a corner, on a rocking chair with a stuffed cat, whispering "come here my sweeties".
Now I know, the famous people are not the ones tweeting and are not the ones reading the tweets.
However that just means, I am still freaking out a total stranger with my stupid comments.
And, whats worse, I imagine when I'm typing that I will make a connection and actually hear back from the famous person! I will hear back, with a restraining order!

Example I wrote to Terence Stamp -" been a fan since Blackheath." That's because we lived next door to Mr.Stamps parents. The secretary doesn't know that and Mr.Stamp wouldn't remember. So I just fall into creepy category. .

Can you imagine I wrote to the author of the marvelous book; "The Night Circus"  - Erin Morgenstern.
I said: Your mission today is to discover a feather in an unexpected place.
Now if you know me, sometimes I enjoy those kind of quirky tasks to make the day complete. If you don't know me, and lets face it, a hell of a lot of people don't, I just sound like a long, flowered dress wearing weirdo.
Poor Erin, expects my next tweet to say - and now you'll find a rabbits foot in your pancakes.

My tweet address will appear on an awareness poster in a library.
Dear Everyone - I am very boringly normal and I will not send Tweets again.

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  1. I love this post.
    Old lady in leather, cat in the corner...


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