Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sleeping Aids

I can't sleep....don't ask me!   That's a song, except the words are - I won't dance.
2:35 am and we have paranormal activity. What is it with not being able to sleep? My mind doesn't stop.

Here is the current thought process for the last hour. Naturally, I have edited for the purpose of the blog.

Would it be good, if there wasn't an app for that?

If I had any milk I would get up and eat cereal. I love cereal. My current love affair is frosted mini wheats.
I wonder if our Shaws supermarket is open? I know I have wondered this before.
Why does it feel creepy going to Shaws at 3am on a Wednesday and yet not on a Friday/Saturday?

I really don't like milk. I only endure,as my Mum says, 'a splash of it'  in my tea and on cereal.
I don't like milk, because when I was a kid, we had to drink a small bottle of it every day.
It was always warm and sometimes had cream on the very top when you peeled the foil top off.
Who remembers bottles of milk?
We used to have it delivered and on some days the birds would peck the tops off to get to the milk.
When everyone stopped using milkmen - I wonder if the birds went on strike and demonstrated?
Maybe they sat in trees, tweeting "Occupy Trees - Bring Back Milk!"
By tweeting, I mean their bird talk. Not that they sat typing on little blackberries.That would daft and they would use actual berries too, because they are birds.

The Alfred Hitchcock movie "The Birds" was on the other night and after watching it for a while, I enjoyed eating some chicken we had in the fridge. It felt appropriate. Then I imagined sitting watching "Titanic" with your feet in one of those mini feet jacuzzi baths.

Why is the movie "The Big Chill" called that?

Now, if I had a TV in this bedroom, would I find it relaxing right now? Or would I blame it for keeping me awake?

And so it goes!

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