Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars Real Fashion

I wanted to know who we were wearing to celebrate The Oscars. Here are the results from my bunch of classy ladies in no particular order. Including a movie inspiration I have added.

I'm curled up in sweats and a sweater, with sparkly earrings :)  for my acceptance speech, I''ll put on heels ;)
Movie: "Lord of the Earrings: The Far Side of The Couch"

I am wearing, "Mommy and Me" attire. It consists of sweats and winter socks. Very stylish, indeed.
Movie: "Little Mister Sunshine"

Wearing PJ's (Sock Monkey!)  and eating snacks with unladylike gusto.
Movie:  "Planet of the Sock Monkeys"

I'm wearing a kilt because I just came from working a Scotch tasting. 
Movie: "A kilt for all Seasons."

I am wearing a very glamorous blue fleece pullover with some super sexy plaid long underwear pants and ski socks.
Movie: "Good Will Blue Fleece"

AND THE WINNER IS.......................................
I wore teal P.J top with Dr. Seuss inspired teal and aqua striped bottoms, along with a pink micro-plush bathrobe. My accessory was Scott's head-shot in a silver frame, while the screenwriter's nominations were being announced. Scott's not too flashy, so he went for the antiqued silver, embedded with hearts.
Movie: Love Story    (of course xx)

I love my girls!


  1. And your girls love you right back!

  2. S. Keebler has nothing on your Jayne! :) xoxo

  3. OMG! You're a riot and so creative! xxoo

  4. Next year in LA, year in LA. Luv u Jayne-girl!xo


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