Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Wonder

I am stunned when I think that today - 29th February, will not exist again until 2016.
Then I am reminded that none of the days we have, will ever exist again.
Personally, because of illness, I am sad when I think of 2016.

I met a couple yesterday who are at the very beginning of their journey into Alzheimer's. The care partner described feeling  frightened and I wanted to say, please do your best to love what you have now. It is pointless worrying about the outcome, as it will happen regardless and you will cope with it, because we can.
It's a cliche because it has been well documented and shared - that all that really matters is now.

I guess I am saying the same to myself today. We expect and demand too much from ourselves. Even on a day like today, some of us feel we should/would/could do something original and daring. Be fearless! Go for it! Grab the day. Be bold. Be new.

Yes, we are able to try those things to some degree. I wonder though, if the effect is just as powerful, if you simply did nothing. You just observed, listened and let in some space, peace, dare I mention love?
This need to live, feel or achieve makes me anxious. Perhaps I am only tired and have lost a trust I once had in finding magic within each day. I either need to hug myself and say it's OK. Or shake myself and say get on with it! I do not know which I need - probably both!

Be precious with your time.February 29 2012 - Jayne wonders what she will think upon reading this in 2016.

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