Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year Start

My New Year is going really well. How about yours?

Highlights have been:

The return of "The Bachelor". Oh my, what trash! We had a grandma, a horse, a woman who looked like a horse, a wailing idiot in a bathroom and the repeat of  "wow, he's so real" at least a thousand times.
I really hope the next bachelor features a rubber male doll, just to see if it generates a different reaction.
All the guy really needs is a hair dresser.
Good News: I do not have to watch it.
Bad News: I bet I do!

Today I broke the world record in eating as many Peppermint Patties as possible in five minutes.
Amazing. I was so quick, even I could not believe the empty packets in front of me.
Bad news: I had no witnesses, so I could be declared a cheat.
Good news: I will attempt the record again tomorrow at 2pm for anyone who cares to watch.

Tonight, watching the TV show "What Not to Wear" one participant really wanted to punch out the make up lady as she hated her new look so much. In fact her only positive comment regarding her total make over was "I look taller."  Stacey and Clinton were left speechless, and this from Clinton whose advice had been "Get big balls."    Classic TV!
Good news: I do not have to watch this show.
Bad news: I love this show.

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