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Boys in Red Cars

When I am off on a car journey by myself, I admit, it catapults me into a wondrous world, where I am glamorous, gorgeous and incredibly confident. My Kia becomes the universe where I know exactly the right thing to say at the right time. Where I can sing like Maria Carey and all my ambitions have occurred.

Recently I have been acting out my "Majorca" screenplay when driving, and during today's trip I found the perfect end clip. The final joke that completes the theme running throughout the movie. The bit that has people telling others to watch till the credits end. As I'm thinking this piece up, I'm aware of a sporty little red car overtaking me. A few moments later and now I find myself overtaking the same car. This happens twice.

Call me a daft old bat, because I think - well the handsome driver has seen me and we have a car flirtation going on. These occurred many times during my London Best Friend Brenda days - where boldness was as thick as our mascara and a…

Merry Christmas

Sending warmest love and joy to all today. Lets forget all the laws of what may be and enjoy what it is. For those of us fortunate to have what we need Surely that is all we truly want.

Lots of love to friends, pets and family. Jayne xx