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In search of Jimmy Tarbuck

You know when people claim to see Jesus on their carpet stain and believe it's a message? Well tonight, I found a strength while thinking about Jimmy Tarbuck. Hence my new empowered thought - The Jimmy Tarbuck Theory.

For those in the USA, Mister Tarbuck OBE is a popular British comedian. For those in the UK - well you know who Tarby is. So here is the journey to my theory and like all stories it has two paths.

One begins in London on a Sunday afternoon when I am traveling with my brother, his wife and two handsome male singers in the back of a tour bus for the brilliant tribute show - Want U Back -!gigs

David and Michelle had arranged a surprise for me. I knew we were driving to a theater to see a show, I didn't know which show and the choices are interesting considering it's a Sunday. I had read that Jimmy Tarbuck had a show in town and I hoped and declared that it wasn't to see him. NOW of course if anyone connected to the Tarbuck F…