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Andy Rooney

This morning I read on line that Andy Rooney has died at 92.
What a guy. I only knew him because of 60 minutes and I only knew 60 minutes because it came on before The Amazing Race.
Listening to Mr.Rooney was soon tradition and I loved his words, even if I disagreed with him.
So in tribute, here is my Andy Rooney style post.....

I don't like it when young people (and by that I mean those in their forties seeing as I'm in my nineties)
waste time by feeling sorry for themselves. These people wake up feeling sad, and decide to go to therapy to work out what's making them sad. What they explore is even more stuff that makes them sadder and what's worse, half of those issues, they can't do anything about now, because its too late. Can they now just focus on what was currently making them sad? No, because they feel too worn out and unmotivated by the deeper sadness.
So then decide to spend more money by going into hypnosis to uncover the even deeper sadness in order to…